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🥩 Game meat Beefsteak - in its original form is a piece of meat fried on both sides, without any additives. How to cook Beefsteak to make it juicy?

🔥 The laws of cooking a tasty Beefsteak.

BeefBeefsteak (from English beef - meat , Beefsteaks - Beefsteaks) - in principle just a meat Beefsteak, but in its preparation there are several nuances that are better to take into account.

▪️Main rules of the perfect dish:

Regarding the time of heat treatment - then it depends on your preference.

There are several types:

▪️с blood (fried only 2 minutes on each side), ▪️средний (3 minutes on each side) and fried (about 5 minutes on each side), but you should not overcook the meat otherwise it can be dry and tough, after all it is game!!!!

🥩If you want to taste a delicious Beefsteak it should be consumed immediately after cooking!

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