Game meat stew - an invariable attribute

Game meat stew is an invariable attribute of tourist trips, country dinners and youth gatherings. Soldiers, students, young families, retirees, business travelers, convinced bachelors, gourmets, large families - fans of this dish is in all strata of Russian society. Today, stew is experiencing a second birth, and it is not without reason.

🔺Some advantages of stew:

✔️Long storage. Depending on the type of canned food and storage conditions, they can remain edible and safe for up to three years. This includes not in the refrigerator.

✔️Easy to cook. Under the lid you will find a delicious, ready-to-eat dish. It only needs to be warmed up. However, in an extreme situation, you can eat the stew cold.

✔️Variety of healthy, hearty dishes. Even with one canned meat you can come up with a lot of delicious first and second dishes: soups, stews, porridge, flotsam pasta and even pies, etc.

✔️Safety. On modern production lines all processes are maximally automated, raw materials and finished products are practically never touched by human hands. Robots sterilize jars, fill them with pre-tested meat, and pack them in conditions of complete sterility. After the release of each batch it is checked by the laboratory, and only after microbiological research cans arrive on the shelves of stores.

✔️Stew can be of different quality and therefore it has a different price.

✔️Cost of good quality stew exceeds the price of meat fillet per 1 kilogram.

This opinion may be due to the fact that on the trade counters in its majority, this product is represented by not the best samples. There is a name stew, there is a low price, and the Ingredients is better not to read (scary). This is a group of goods may well be so associated.

✔️Our game meat stew is not a cheap product, but useful and high quality!!!

With soul and love❤️ to traditions, HUNTING CLUB.