Stew. Benefit or harm?

Stew. Good or bad? Good or bad? We decided to dismantle the three most popular myths about canned food that we met.

Myth 1.

Canned food is full of preservatives

On the one hand, it sounds logical: canned food is preserved with preservatives.

Preservatives are not necessarily chemical and harmful, they can be natural ingredients like sugar, salt, vinegar, citric acid . And in long-term canned foods, sterilization is the main preservative.

Myth 2.

There is nothing healthy in canned food.

It is believed that canned food lacks all useful substances. However, we can assure you - useful substances in the manufacture of canned food are lost no more than in boiling or frying.

Myth 3.

Industrial canned food is worse than home canned food

If you can argue endlessly about taste, you can't argue about safety. Industrial canned food undergoes so many degrees of testing, from raw materials to finished products, that the risk of infection or any other problems is reduced to zero.