The code of youth

Meat is the most important component of complete animal protein, containing all essential amino acids necessary for building muscle tissue. Meat is considered to be a part of the carcass, which is a combination of muscle, connective and fatty tissues.

Let's take the most common type of wild meat - moose meat - as an example and evaluate its benefits for bodybuilders.

Meat in bodybuilding:

Moose meat

Moose meat contains quite a large amount (about 22 grams) of high-quality protein.

Beef contains the highest amount of creatine (compared to any other food). In addition to being a natural source of energy for muscles, creatine is also effective in terms of temporarily increasing strength and muscle mass.

Carnitine supports fat metabolism at a normal to constant level and promotes the branching of BCAA amino acids.

An amino acid used as a low-calorie sugar. It is also involved in the production of collagen and elastin.