Interesting facts about stew!

Interesting facts about stew.

Do you like stew? That's right - it's a delicacy after all!

- In Russia stew came in 1870.

In that year, the first canned meat factory was opened in Russia, but they became really popular in the period after the First World War. And today, meat stew is in the strategic stock of many families - it comes in handy in case of a trip to the countryside or a picnic, for a quick snack or cooking delicious hot dishes.

- The first cans of stew were opened with a chisel.

When canned meat only began to produce, they were cooked in containers made of thick metal, such packages weighed more than a kilogram, and opened with great effort and with the help of a tool resembling a chisel.

Today everything is easier - canned meat is sold in compact cans with a convenient key that quickly and easily opens the package.

- Stew can be stored for up to three years, and sometimes up to two hundred.

The average shelf life of canned meat is two to three years

Taste our stew!

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