Interesting facts! Rillettete (French pate)

✅The characteristic feature of rillettete is its heterogeneous structure. You can clearly feel the pieces of meat from which this pâté is made.

Initially, the French used sub-turkey or shoulder part for making rillette, chopped it finely, salted it, and then stewed it for about 8-10 hours on low heat. The meat thawed in its own fat was kneaded to a paste-like state. Then it was spread on clay jugs. The pâté was poured on top with the remaining fat. Rillette could be stored in this form for several months.

✅With time a recipe for pâté made on the basis of meat, namely game meat, appeared.

✅Pâté is served in a bowl or spread on toast, toasted bread, fresh baguette. Rillettete is used as a base for regular sandwiches or complex sandwiches. It is important that the pâté be at room temperature. Too cold it will not reveal its flavor, and too warm it will lose its plasticity.

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