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Дичь on a plate⚜

⠀ ✅Researchers and travelers of past centuries were very interested in the secret of bogatyr's health and longevity.

⠀ ✅Their observations showed that they had very few diseases.

⠀ So what is the secret?

Scientists agreed that the nomads' good health was due to:

✅ the peculiarities of the climate,

✅ the way of life,

✅ their diet.

Reindeer meat was favored by the degree of therapeutic effect on the human body.

Venison was considered the purest animal, which drinks only pure water.

It was believed that deer meat had warming properties, which was extremely necessary in winter.

In Siberia, on the other hand, bear meat was considered valuable.

🐻 The heart, flesh and inner fat, as well as subcutaneous fat of bears were endowed with healing properties.

✅Bear meat is healthy and environmentally friendly, because these animals simply do not live in polluted regions and eat only natural food.

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