Wild goose!

Today we will consider the meat 🍖 wild goose.

✔️With regular eating it has a beneficial effect on the body: increases hemoglobin levels, improves the digestive tract, especially the liver. Goose fat contains less cholesterol than chicken fat, and when consumed in moderation, it also benefits the body

📌It has a positive effect on the nervous system and the entire digestive tract;

📌Promotes a choleretic effect in gallstone disease;

📌Amino acids contained in goose prevents the development of cancer diseases and favorably affect the strengthening of immunity. Goose meat contains a huge amount of them;

▪️Not less benefit of the meat is that it helps to increase hemoglobin .

▪️High protein content and its predominance over fat is characteristic only of poultry meat. Therefore, wild goose meat will be useful for athletes and people on rehabilitation after injuries and surgical interventions.

With heart and care for you ❤️HUNTING CLUB.