That quail!

Quail stew.

🐦 Quail meat is often used in all kinds of dietary menus (medical, children's, for weight loss, after illness). Due to its rich nutritional and vitamin-mineral Ingredients, quail meat has many beneficial properties:

- has a tonic effect, which is indispensable after long illnesses;

- prevents the deposition of uric acid salts in the joints and kidneys;

- improves metabolism;

- contributes to the strengthening of bones and teeth;

- prevents rickets in children and osteoporosis/osteomalacia in adults;

- promotes repair of damaged tissues;

- increases male virility;

- has an anti-tumor effect.

🐦But, the most important beneficial property of quail meat is that its flavor is very appealing to kids. Considering all the benefits and safety of it for children's health, quail meat is an ideal meat product for the first complementary food.

🔻 With care for you and your loved ones Hunting