Canned meat is the product that can be argued about endlessly

Canned food is the product that can be argued about endlessly. Is it good or bad? Good or bad? To eat or not to eat? We decided to dismantle a few popular myths about canned food that we met. So, here we go!

Canned foods are full of preservatives

On the one hand, it sounds logical: canned food is preserved with preservatives. On the other hand, you need to understand the meaning of the word. Preservatives are not necessarily chemical and harmful, they can be natural ingredients like sugar, salt, vinegar, citric acid .And in long storage canned foods the main preservative is sterilization. 100% airtight packaging and careful processing under high temperatures can extend the shelf life of meat and fish up to several years without compromising the flavor.

2️⃣В there is nothing healthy in canned food

It is believed that canned food lacks all the nutrients. However, we can assure you that no more nutrients are lost when canned food is canned than when meat/fish is boiled or fried.