Dishes from venison stew in nature

Venison stew can be taken with you to the dacha or, for example, on vacation in the countryside. You can boil any porridge or pasta on the fire. They will become much tastier if you add another can of venison stew at the end. This will be both delicious and nourishing dish that can add strength and energy. This meat is currently considered valuable and dietary. It has little fat, at the same time a lot of proteins, vitamins and microelements.

It would seem that mankind has been eating canned food for decades, and how it is all done and why it does not spoil, still many people do not understand very well.

The first canned meat was prepared in ancient Egypt. There, meat was poured with olive oil and tightly sealed in clay pots. But in the usual sense of the word canned food appeared only in the early XIX century in Europe. And not thanks to Pasteur, as many people now think. Another French enthusiast, pastry chef Nicolas Apper, wondered how to preserve food for a long time. He boiled meat or vegetables for an hour or two, then put it all in containers, which heated in a salt solution at high temperature, and then corked. But the technology of pasteurization this same Louis Pasteur invented in the middle of the XIX century.