What can be prepared from venison stew?

First course with venison stew

In the case of cooking first dishes, it is often possible to face the fact that the time for this process is necessary much more than expected. After all, first you need to boil the broth, then dress it with vegetables and other ingredients, and only then wait for the end of cooking. In the case of venison stew, everything is much faster and easier. Such a soup can be cooked literally in thirty minutes. To do this, it is enough to add the contents of the canned food to any vegetable broth, and then boil the resulting soup for 10-15 minutes. Add herbs and seasonings to taste.

Second dishes made with venison stew

Using venison stew, you can prepare many second dishes. For example, vegetable stew with venison, Stewed potatoes with venison, roast azu and many others. They are mostly prepared following classic recipes. Only at the end, venison stew is added.

Two cans of venison stew can come to the rescue, if, for example, guests came unexpectedly, and they need to be quickly and deliciously fed. In such a situation, you can prepare a delicious casserole with venison stew. The recipe for cooking such a dish is very simple. It is necessary to boil mashed potatoes from a couple of kilograms of boiled potatoes. Add a beaten egg and butter. While the potatoes are at the stage of cooking, you can fry a few onions, and then mix them with the contents of the canned food. It is previously divided into separate fibers with a fork. Grease the baking mold with vegetable oil and sprinkle with breadcrumbs or semolina. Here at the beginning lay out half of the prepared mashed potatoes. Spread the venison and fried onions on top. Make the top layer from the remaining mashed potatoes. The surface of the prepared dish can be smeared with mayonnaise or sour cream, you can also sprinkle it with cheese, previously grated. All this bake in the oven until an appetizing crust is formed. Such a beautiful and at the same time tasty dish will be satisfied with all guests.