Soup from stew with pasta

To prepare such a soup for 4 people, boil 3 liters of water, salt it and throw into the water 250 g of dry pasta, stir well and cook them for about 15 minutes. After 10 minutes of cooking the pasta can begin to try, catching one with a spoon with holes. Everyone's tastes are different and the degree of readiness of pasta many determine for themselves very differently. Throw the cooked pasta on a colander, transfer it to a bowl and add a piece of butter. You can also use fat from a can of stew, but butter is better.
Now open the can of stew, put it in a small saucepan, break it with a fork and pour cold water - one and a half liters. Put on the fire and bring to a boil, stirring well several times. Add the cooked pasta and heat everything together.

And then comes the main, iconic ingredient that changes everything in this unpretentious soup. Throw in the green onions, sliced into the soup in the same cylinders as the pasta. The thicker the onion, the more flavorful the soup will be. By the way, you can also use leeks, but then it should be cut into pucks and cooked a little before the pasta is added. Green onions do not need to be cooked, a dozen seconds is enough.

To this day, I still consider this soup one of the best in the entire world repertoire.

The stew has its own strong, easily recognizable smell. It is pleasant, no doubt, but after a week or two of constant use it is unbearable. You have to fight it. The best remedies for this are onions, onions and greens, spicy herbs and black pepper, freshly and coarsely ground for reliability.