Buffalo meat rillette

Buffalo meat, spread, milk powder, onion, carrot, melange, starch, salt, sodium phosphate E451i, sugar, ginger, pepper blend, cardamom, cinnamon, rosemary.
Net weight: 100g.

Buffalo meat has numerous beneficial properties: improves blood Ingredients and increases hemoglobin level; helps with diseases of the muscular system due to the high amount of B vitamins; promotes muscle growth; strengthens the cardiovascular system and serves as a preventive measure against heart attacks and strokes; improves immunity and fills the deficiency of vitamins and trace elements in the body.

Quality buffalo meat contains a large number of valuable substances. Among them we can list: vitamins of the B group, selenium, phosphorus, copper and calcium, vitamin PP, manganese and iron, sodium and potassium.

Eating buffalo meat is good for restoring immunity, helps prevent cardiovascular disease, joint and skin diseases.

People suffering from heart disease, without problems can consume this delicacy and do not fear for their health. It is recommended for people with weak immunity, suffering from GI problems.

Also buffalo meat is very useful for people with weakened health as a result of prolonged illness.